Saturday, December 1, 2012

As you all know my 12 year old cousin has recently passed away after being bullied so much that she ended her life.  This post is to tell everyone out there that when  you feel bad don’t do something like she did.  What her dad used to tell her was go for a walk and in his words “she walked the wrong way.”  What he also told me was that he once asked her if it were between her dad and Eminem and she could only save one, who would she save.  Her answer was “do I really have to answer that?”
I’ve just got off the phone with my Uncle and he said it would mean the world if Eminem would tweet, post, or do anything to recognize her.  
So what I’m asking of all of you is to please contact Eminem saying:
One of you biggest fans in Ireland has recently passed away and it would mean the world if you would recognize her, her name is Lara Burns.
(or something of that sort.)
Eminem’s contacts are:
twitter (Direct message or tweet)
facebook (comment )

 thank you so much

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Porfido/the best teacher ever,
we miss you